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kates playground in pigtails

In this set she is wearing a sexy sailor girl outfit complete with neck tie and her sexy pigtails. I think she really suits pigtails and looks very sexy in this outfit. She has the posing skills as well to make any outfit hot as hell but shes looking gorgeous here! For more of Kate from Kates Play ground check out her site or click here for a gallery of her in a sailor outfit.

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Kates Playground has an extra part of her site called the zip sets, which in my opinion are the hottest videos (and photos) that Kate has to offer. One of my favorites is where she masturbates in the shower. I don’t know what it is but something really sexy about this video makes it the hottest video in the world. Kate looks right at home as she is masturbating and showing off her pussy in this video. Of course in the full video you don’t get text hiding her nipples or pussy! Watch the video below

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My god Kate is looking absolutely gorgeous. She looks really cute here as she is stripping out of her schoolgirl type outfit. Her ass in her panties is the tightest ass you will see all day.

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kates playground

Kate from Kates Playground looks gorgeous whatever she wears. But do you know what makes her look even hotter? When she is underwater wearing a small bikini. Kates Playground is really beautiful and I think if she wasn’t a pornstar she would be modeling clothes like this. The reason why? Because she can make any clothes look really hot. If she was in a magazine she’d be helping companies sell their products every day of the week.

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Kates Playground’s pussy is the best gift god has ever given us. Her pussy is so fucking fine, and she is always putting it in front of the camera for the world to see. Here is a hot gallery of Kates Playground wearing a VERY see through dress which reveals every inch of her bare pussy.

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Kate is a very dirty girl – and so, she must wash! Sexy bath time for Kate is sexy fun time for us. Kates Playground sexy and tight body is naked in the bath as she covers herself in bubbles!

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Kate from Kates Playground has been a naughty schoolgirl – and you know what that means? Punishment! Of course kate is too fucking cute to actually hurt so lets let her spank herself. Thats more fun too!

Kates Playground Schoolgirl Uniform

Here are some photos of Kates Playground in her schoolgirl uniform. I think she looks so hot in these photos, and you can tell she just loves showing her nude body off! She is on her bed in her small skirt and blouse but soon they come off and she shows off her bdsm side. On her site you see a lot more of that side to her – but of course also lots of hot cute teasing photos and (more importantly) high quality videos for you to, erm, enjoy. however you “enjoy” them… 😉

Kates Playground Schoolgirl uniform

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Kates Playground stripped out of her uniform

Kates Playground stripped out of her uniform

I was looking at Kate’s ass today, and it occured to me that she really does have the perfect ass. I mean, have you ever seen a hotter ass than the one you find at KatesPlayground.com?

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Sexy Kates Playground and her lesbian Karen, from Karen Loves Kate make a perfect match. Karen loves Kate has two of the hottest lesbians around, and they love getting naked and dirty with each other! They have no problems performing lesbian scenes in front of the camera, and you can tell that they really do love exploring each others hot bodies! If you love Kates Playground, you will LOVE Karen Loves Kate. It has everything from Kates Playground you love (kate!) and her lesbian gf (Karen) and they have some steaming hot lesbian scenes. There are both videos and photos on Karen Loves Kate

Here they are in their ballerina outfits.

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Karen Loves Kate Naked

Karen Loves Kate Naked

Kate from Kates Playground is so fit. She is also one of the most popular sologirls on the net. I even have some friends (who don’t work in the adult biz/don’t run adult websites) who have mentioned her before. Her site was probably one of the first i ever joined back in late 2003, and i’ve never looked back since. Her site is simply one of, if not THE best sologirl sites out there. There is so much content, and she still keeps it updated ever 6 years down the line!

I think i know the reason Kates Playground is so popular … just look at her. She is so pretty and gorgeous.

Kates Playground on her bed, showing cleavage through her lingerie

Kates Playground on her bed, showing cleavage through her lingerie

Her boobs look great there, even though they’re well and truely hidden. She keeps her nude pics for her members area btw.

Heres a hot shot of Kates Playgrounds Ass. Shes got a truely hot one!

Kates Playgrounds hot ass

Kates Playgrounds hot ass