Kate’s Playground’s Hoof – does it exist?

Kates Hoof? Does it exist? We take a look

There are many sites around the web talking about Kate’s (from Kates Playground) Hoof. Although the general consensus is that Kates Playground is very hot and everyone would still **** her anyway, it is an interesting thing to find out the truth to. There are conspiracies and alternitive ideas for almost everything these days (thanks to the internet), so is it just a load of bullsh*t or is there any truth in Kates Hoof?

Picture of Kates Hoof 1

Kates Playground's Hoof

Kate's Playground's Hoof, from a webcam capture

Now, we are skeptical – it is a very crap quality picture. However some points to make:

  • Those toes do look a bit odd
  • It is from a video, meaning that there is a very high chance (given the amount of frames in even a 2 min video) that no one noticed this shot showed her hoof. The production company would obviously want to keep her hoof a secret – it could turn some people off…

Chance of it being a hoof, based on this picture: About 50% I’d say

Picture of Kates Hoof 2

Kates Playground's Hoof/toe

This is much clearer. A propper released photograph of Kate from Kates Playground, but whats that? A hoof!?!?

This is on the same foot (her right foot) as the previous photo. And it certainly looks like one…

Chance of it being a hoof, based on this picture: About 70% I’d say

Picture of Kates Hoof 3

Kates Playground's Hoof/toe

There is deff something wrong with Kate’s right foot. (Not that personally it makes any difference to me – she is beyond fit!). Maybe scars from medical surgery? We can only guess really

Chance of it being a hoof, based on this picture: About 70% I’d say.
But chance of it being a hoof based on ALL 3 of the pics above – about 90%

Additional “proof”

Not so much proof, but it looks like in a LOT of pictures Kate hides her right foot:

Kates playground

Kates playground

Kates playground

Kates playground

Kates playground

There are loads more – we kind of got distracted by the fact that she is very hot and just selected 3 hot pictures of her. But about 90% of her pics DON’T SHOW HER RIGHT FOOT. The other 10% – she is always wearing footwear!


Ok – so Kate does have it (probably) – BUT WE DON’T CARE AND DON’T THINK YOU SHOULD EITHER – SHE IS SO HOT!. If her foot makes you think otherwise, unless your girlfriend is hotter than Kates Playground, well… you have a problem 😉

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